Your Uniform Is Not Complete Without Your Pin

This past Tuesday, June 25th was a milestone day in the history of United Airlines, as Flight Attendants across the system took a collective step forward wearing our new United uniform.

This is a tangible display of our workgroup uniting with one another and marks a significant moment in the future of our careers.  It was truly inspiring as Flight Attendants across the system completed their new look by proudly placing their Union pin above their heart, signifying the Solidarity that is developing between all of us.

We are no longer divided by the color or style of our uniform but in fact are now joined together by the common factor of who we really are; United Flight Attendants. Our Union pin is the bond of familiarity that represents what will be important to our future. There is an obvious confidence that comes from the powerful meaning behind our Union pin.  Our AFA pin represents two things: Flight Attendants unwavering dedication to our profession and our commitment to each other.

Our pin symbolizes our accomplishments and our dedication to the pursuit of Flight Attendant interests, careers and profession.  Today, more than seventy-five years since the Flight Attendant profession was born, we find ourselves in a unique situation. We have new uniforms, new flying, and new domiciles/bases and new ever-changing policies.

What isn’t new is our dedication to our profession, to each other and how we display that commitment, by wearing our Union pin.  It is about our personal yet powerful choice to stand beside our Flying Partners /co-workers for the betterment of all; rather than allowing ourselves to be weakened by division.

This career, our Union began with 5 dedicated women standing together to protect their interests and to advocate for the good of all Flight Attendants futures. Today we have grown to over 20,000 United Flight Attendants, and we stand together to support each other and advancing our careers. Lets all continue the work that they started by building on that Solidarity.  Place your Union pin on your uniform, above your heart, a symbol of our dedication, solidarity and support of our Joint Negotiation Committee and our future together.