Yes, We Are Losing More Flying…

Hafa Adai Flyers,

The news about the cancellation of our HKG-NRT flight broke yesterday – just as our beach party was beginning. You officers were given a four hour “heads up” before the official announcement went out.

This being a total buzz-kill, we decided not to tell everyone at the party.   Bad news always arrives too soon. The flight is NOT being transferred to United metal or to another size aircraft. It is being discontinued on October 27th.

It is impossible to comprehend the mentality that will reduce our flying still more than the current, intolerable, level. But there you have it: yet another example of a Company Business Decision made by bean-counters on the other side of the planet. Unfortunately, your union can have no control over such. We will not know for a while exactly how this will impact our line values and number of lines.

Please know that your union officers are committed to protecting this base, and bringing our work back. We are obsessed with this task. We spend two or three weeks each month in Chicago – talking to Company decision makers. We constantly remind them of the value of this operation, and the need to preserve it and make improvements. Alas, we are merely pons in this giant-airline chess game.

Our base is small, but very special. We have secure jobs. EXcellent jobs. And a guaranteed minimum monthly wage. Yes – a VERY minimal wage. Still… No one will be furloughed, and Reserve duty gets sweeter and sweeter…   I would remind you that in chess, the pon sometimes crosses the board to become Queen – and win the game.  I encourage you all to hang on – there WILL be better times ahead.