We have voted YES to extend our contract

Hafa Adai Flyers,

We did it! We just took our first big step toward the completion of this mega-merger. We had a very strong YES vote – 78%. There were 203 members eligible to vote – 148 did so. 116 voted for the Extension, 32 voted against it.

It will take a while for all provisions to kick in, but our pay raise and signing bonus are on the way. There will be new flexibility in scheduling and security when injured on the job. We will keep you updated as things develop.

Now we are ready to move on to the Big Table. We will begin negotiations on a Joint Contract, for the world’s largest airline, August 27th. It’s an exciting time – the beginning of a new era. We are in uncharted waters, but our boat is well built, and the crew is attentive.

We are developing a comfortably working relationship with our counterparts at CAL, UAL and the International Staff of AFA. The week we spent this month at Rutgers University began the process as we got to know each other, and began mapping the course ahead. We spent time setting guidelines for how we will play nicely together, and how we will communicate with you. Progress promises to be slow, but steady. We’re going to get it right – not rapid. The task ahead of us is huge; but we have begun!

Friends, we are going to play a prominent part in making United the biggest – and the best – airline in the world. Pan Am and TWA were the early flagships of the American Dream. Their remains now stir fading memories in dusty museum rooms. Today, United has the opportunity to take up that discarded mantle: the Face of the United States around the world. Ambassador to the Planet. I harbor hopes that this conglomerated company will be able to assume that role and elevate air travel. U.S. air travel.

Meanwhile, here at home, we’ve shrunk down quite a bit – and that worries all of us. In 2006 there were 325 flight attendants based on Guam. We flew six brand new B767’s, and nine B737’s. Now, while we watch, the Proud Bird, and our unique Air Micronesia identity, are disappearing – along with a whole lot of our flying! There’s nothing we can do about that – except remember. And hang on. These are turbulent times in the industry. Please, buckle up and try to enjoy the ride.

Soon, many new doors will open, offering unbound opportunities. We’ve come a long way – but there’s still a distance to go. Thank you for putting me in this position to help guide our course. I am both empowered – and humbled. I ask for your continued trust, support – and communication. We will be collecting contract proposals again shortly. Maybe we’ll do a survey. Let’s all stand strong, and together: remembering our proud past and the adventures we have shared.
With gratitude for the good times we’ve had – and expectations for the great times ahead, I am at your service.
In sincere solidarity,