Voting Instructions and FAQ’s

MAILED: The Voting Notice & Instructions were mailed on September 23, 2011.

    Included in this packet is:

  • The Voting Notice of the Election
  • Voting Guide or the list of candidates for each office
  • 16-digit activation code

POLLS OPEN:       September 29, 2011 0600 EDT, 2000 ChST

POLLS CLOSE:     October 25, 2011 0600 EDT, 2000 ChST

BALLOT HELPLINE: The AFA Ballot Helpline is available from 0900 EDT to 1700 EDT. The helpline can be reached by calling 800-424-2401 EXT 706 (Press 1 then 706).

ACTIVATE YOUR VOTER ACCOUNT: Using the 16-digit activation code each member must active their account by entering this number and creating a Personal ID Number or PIN. The balloting system will generate a Voter ID Number or VIN. Write these numbers down! All of this can be done via the balloting website or on the telephone.


VOTING: With your VIN and PIN you may now enter the voting system online at or toll free 1-877-232-8683 and cast your vote.

Copies of the Voting Notice and Instructions can be found on the AFA-CWA Election Website


Frequently Asked Questions


Q.        What is a 16-digit activation code? 

A.        This is a secure feature that allows you to obtain your voting credentials. Because you create a PIN number, no one at the ballot company or AFA will know this number.


Q         What do I do if I don’t receive the Voting Notice & Instructions with my code?

A.        If you do not receive the notice by 9-30-11 you may call the AFA Ballot Helpline for a replacement 16-digit activation code. For security reasons this number is ONLY good for 36 hours from the time it is generated. Your account must be activated before the 36 hours have elapsed. If the code expires you will have to call back to get another one.


Q.        How do I get a new copy of the Voting Notice & Instructions? 

A.        New notices cannot be mailed however you will find them on the AFA-CWA Election website


Q.        Do I need to keep my VIN and PIN? 

A.        You should retain your voting credentials, write them down and store them in a secure place.


Q.        What if I change my mind and wish to vote for a different candidate? 

A.        Using your VIN and PIN enter the balloting site either online or telephone and cast your ballot again. Even if you only wanted to change 1 vote for 1 position you must revote all positions. ONLY the last vote received by the count date will be counted.


Q.        What if I changed my mind and I did NOT save my VIN and PIN? 

A.        All you have to do is call the Ballot Helpline and obtain a replacement activation code. Follow the activation process and proceed with voting.


Q.        How do I vote for someone who is not listed on the ballot? 

A.        To “write” a candidate in for a position you will need their AFA ID number. For all CMI flight attendants this number begins with 53xxxxxx. There is a member directory in the menu at the top of the ballot site. Simply click on this and find the member you wish to write-in. Enter their number and hit cast.

If this is your first time entering the AFA ballot site, press ACTIVATE VOTING ACCOUNT.
Enter the 16-digit activation code you received in the mail or from the AFA Ballot Helpline.
Enter and then re-enter your own personal ID (PIN) number.
The ballot system will generated a Voter ID number (VIN)
Retain your VIN and PIN
This is a sample ballot. Click on the members you wish to vote for in your Council.
If you wish to “write-in” a member you must use their AFA ID number.
Press CAST BALLOT when you are finished.
To obtain a member’s AFA ID click the VOTING tab at the top of the page, then choose member directory. The list of all flight attendants eligible in your council will appear.
The system will confirm your vote and give you a confirmation number. Please write this down. You may then verify your vote choosing the VOTING tab on the menu bar at the top of the page and then choosing RECEIPT. Enter your confirmation number and verify your ballot. If you change your mind or made an error you may vote again by entering your VIN and PIN and casting your ballot again. Keep in mind ALL positions must be voted for again if you are re-voting. ONLY the last vote cast will be counted.