Unity Through Understanding and Involvement

Hafa Adai Flyers,

Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting last week.  It was a good group, and I’m glad we had the opportunity to discuss many of the issues we are facing.

Ron and Jose briefed us on the launch of the O.N.E. (Our Negotiations Experts) Campaign. This campaign is all about dispelling rumors and getting you the latest information.   The strategy is to build strength and solidarity by being certain that everyone is on the same page: getting their questions answered, and being confident that their voices are heard by the team at the Table.    Look for Flight Attendants with a green tag hanging behind their badge.  These volunteers are standing by to keep correct information flowing between you and your Joint Negotiating Committee.  Ask to get involved – there are many exciting plans in the works.

Remember, our power is in our unity.  The Company has tried to disrupt that force recently with their published “glossy.”  Despite their writing, the facts are:  your JNC has responded to every proposal the Company has presented – maybe not as quickly as they would have liked.  But then – they have certainly disappointed us on that count too!  The last page of their “glossy” is particularly interesting.  They brag about their “proven track record of successful negotiations,” naming the 15 groups with whom they have negotiated – ONE THIRD of which are listed as “not ratified.”  At least two were minor contract extensions, like ours.   Other than the pilots, the remainder are for groups considerably smaller and less diverse than the 25,000 Flight Attendants who are seeking a world class contract for a world class airline.  This is complicated stuff!   Your JNC is working at the best reasonable speed to produce the best possible results.

For the latest in negotiations news go to the website: OurUnited.org

Back on the Local Front, the biggest issue in our base is clearly the lack of work.  June schedules show eleven lines built to less than the minimum of 70 hours. Eight more barely hit that mark, and only one of the remaining nine lines hits a high of 74:40.

Reserve assignments in May continued to reflect the fact that Lineholders are scrambling for more hours.  No Reserve approached the 80 hour guarantee.  Eleven flew less than ten.  The next 20 flew between 12 – 45 hours.  Only five were credited over 50, one due to vacation, and three others because of their ISM or FLS qualification.

It has been nearly two years since we lost our HNL trip and some 30% of our flying.  There is nothing we can do to bring more time, bigger planes or additional flights to Guam.  These are Business Decisions made by corporate bean counters.  We cannot impact these decisions.

The next round of Contract Negotiations with the Company will take place in Chicago next week.  More news after that.

Please, wear your union pins!  Let the Company see your bag tags and ID lanyards as proof of your faith in the Committee that is representing you and fighting for your future!  Keep in touch.   I check this email address with a neurotic frequency, and am almost always at the other end of the phone lines listed below.

Meanwhile, Jose is our Man on the Island.  Although he has not yet officially taken office – he is here and ready to help or convey messages to someone who can.
Enjoy Guam – even now that the rains have begun!

Fly safely,

Suzanne Hendricks
MEC President, Continental Micronesia
(671) 487-7452  when on Guam
(808) 436-7932  when Stateside