The Right To Vote

A totally false rumor has been circulating that claims that the language at the bottom of the AFA membership application that refers to the Railway Labor Act (“RLA”) is the equivalent of a “Power of Attorney” that would somehow waive all your rights as an AFA member.  That rumor is completely false.

That RLA reference is cited in the membership application simply to make clear that AFA is your exclusive collective bargaining representative for purposes of negotiations and representation, and no other Union or organization has the authority to represent you with respect to your rates of pay, rules and working conditions, or any discipline you receive, while you are employed as a Flight Attendant for United/Continental/CMI. Since the language on our form specifically states “In accordance with the Railway Labor Act” it requires nothing that is not already required or authorized by law.

Furthermore, any contract or agreement reached by AFA’s negotiations committee does not take effect unless ratified by the membership.  And any grievance settlement that is reached is implemented only with your approval.

All of your rights and privileges as an AFA member are set forth in the AFA Constitution & Bylaws, a legal document approved by the membership that AFA is compelled to follow under federal law.

The notion that AFA is trying to take away your rights through this membership application is simply not true.

AFA is a member-driven, democratic union and we encourage every Continental and Continental Micronesia Flight Attendant to complete the membership application and gain the full rights of membership.  In fact, completing the membership application ensures that you have the right to vote on your contract and for your union officers.

Here is a copy of the membership application.  You may drop this with an AFA volunteer in the crew room or send it to AFA-CWA / 501 3rd Street, NW / Washington DC 20001