Temporary Officers Appointed – Election to Begin Soon

We are excited to announce the appointment of your temporary officers for Guam AFA Council 65:

MEC/LEC President: Phil Rayphand, mecp@cmiafa.org

MEC/LEC Vice President: Kathleen Domondon, mecvp@cmiafa.org

MEC/LEC Secretary-Treasurer: Victor Giles Williams, mecst@cmiafa.org

We encourage your support for these temporary officers who have stepped forward to ensure you have representation and the ability to address your issues even as we progress through the officer election process.

The good news is that you have done a fantastic job of encouraging each other to complete AFA membership applications and just yesterday you hit the 50% mark that makes your Local Council eligible for the officer elections to begin.  The election process includes a nomination ballot that will be mailed to your home and returned via mail to Washington DC.  Anyone who receives two nominations for an office and also indicates that they are willing to serve in an officer position will be included on the election ballot.  The election ballot will also be mailed to your home.  Throughout the election process we will continue to collect membership applications.

As long as you complete the application and get it to the AFA Membership Department in time for the vote count, your vote will be included.

Our AFA Membership Department is preparing the election process now and we will post further details as soon as they are finalized.