Springing into Spring

Hafa Adai Flyers.
With Winter ending, it’s time to look at some of the ch-ch-ch-changes that Spring may bring. There are two major AFA events that we should be watching.

The first event will be the s-UAL MEC meeting in Orlando. Presidents (LEPs) from s-UALs 15 bases will be electing new MEC officers: President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer. We have heard that all offices are being challenged. This election will happen on the floor, and take place in a single day. Your Air Mike officers are striving to remain neutral as we watch this unfold. We have no vote, and no voice in this decision, which must be made by our sisters and brothers at s-UAL. We wish them wisdom, and the best of luck going forward.

Immediately after this s-UAL MEC meeting comes the annual Board of Directors (BOD) meeting. (Read about this at http://cb.afa-bod.org/articles/article-v-board-of-directors/ ) The BOD is the highest governing body of the Union. It is made up of all MEC officers, and the LEC Presidents of the 19 airlines represented by AFA – plus the three International Officers. We will meet in Orlando, April 27-30. Among other tasks for this meeting – the BOD will be electing new International Officers. And again, incumbents are being challenged.
One member of the Joint Negotiating Committee, Joey Guider (President of CAL Council 62: EWR, IAD, SFO) is running for International Vice President. There may be others. We will have a voice and a vote in this election and expect to be strongly supporting our brother from Continental!
It will be interesting to watch these developments. There’s not much we can do right now – except be grateful that we are where we are: living in year-round summer with beautiful beaches, secure jobs and a minimum wage that provides us with everything we really need, and a lot of what we want. I remain confident that things are going to continue to get better still.

Phone Poll: The Union has commissioned a private polling company to call members with specific questions about contract negotiations. The JNC spent two and a half days meticulously crafting the questions so that they would be neutral and non-leading. If you are selected, please take the time to go slowly and answer each question thoughtfully. Expect to spend 20 minutes on the phone. THANK YOU for participating if you are called! Currently there are issues in that it is showing up on phones as “UNKNOWN CALLER.” Hopefully this will be changed – meanwhile, take a chance and answer the phone!

Negotiations News: Your JNC met with the Company in Chicago March 10-14. For the latest update, go to the website: ourunited.org. A very interesting, detailed record of our work, is attached to the January 20th update. It’s 56 pages, showing where, and how, we have agreed, and disagreed, with the Company on dozens proposals. You can also see how many times specific issues have crossed the Table. A copy of this booklet is on the Union table in the office. We will be going back into Negotiations with the Company on April 6th, in New Orleans.

Safety Infoshare: This was a short conference that I attended with Gerard Damien, our Safety representative. We worked with members of UAL management and the FAA regarding a new program to identify safety risks that might otherwise go undetected and unreported. The general idea is to provide a forum for reporting safety related events without fear of discipline. It is called the Inflight Safety Action Program (ISAP). You will be hearing much more about this soon. Road Shows are scheduled to begin in April, and they will be coming to Guam – probably in May.

We will be having a union meeting on Monday April 21st to discuss all this, and more! Save the date.

Fly safely, enjoy your job, your island, your life!
In Sincere Solidarity, Suzanne