September Eleventh, and Negotiations for Our Future

Hafa Adai Flyers,

It has now been eleven years since 9/11: that day of horror that forever changed our lives, our profession, our country, and the world. Our United brothers and sisters were the first victims, and the first heros, of the sudden war against terrorism. This year, bearing the United name, we find ourselves ever more closely related to those who waged that desperate fight to save lives. As we take time this week, to reflect on that National nightmare, let us be especially mindful of those who fought – and continue to fight – to protect our skies, our freedom to travel, and our country.

Your Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) has been working in Chicago for the last several weeks. After our initial meeting with Management on August 27th, we focused on the task of beginning work on writing a comprehensive contract proposal. We are taking apart each of our newly ratified Agreements to understand the differences, and emphasize the best parts. Drawing heavily on your suggestions, proposals, and the UAL survey results, we are also studying other contracts in the industry. To facilitate this massive undertaking we have divided the JNC into three sub-committees, with one member of each airline in each group. We will continue our work in this manner, and plan to reconvene shortly.

But back to Guam! The signing bonus has arrived, and our new pay raise has gone into effect. Information on the 401K, and how to enroll has been distributed. Remember – if you want the Company match – AND YOU DO – you must be making regular contributions to a 401K plan. The other new provisions of our Contract extension will be implemented soon.
Crossover news – three of our members have submitted forms requesting transfer to one of the CAL bases. Base assignments will be made on the 12th. These three will then have until September 17th to change their minds, and reject the crossover – or move on to a new adventure. We wish them all the very best of luck as they make this difficult decision.

Meanwhile, disputes about contract violations, unjustified discipline, and a few internal disputes, continue to require our attention. This remains a primary part of our job as your elected union officers.
If you have a problem – do not hesitate to bring it to our attention! We are always as close as an email or a phone call. Our e-dresses and numbers are on the bulletin board and at the bottom of this message.

Anything else? What are your thoughts? Please try to join us for our meeting this week:

Airport Conference Room II

4 -6 pm