Questions and Answers


What is a Contract Extension? It is an amendment to the existing book.  Nothing has been removed.  We have only added improvements.  The amendable date will be December 31, 2014.  You will be receiving a new printed copy of the full book.

How about job protection?
  Is it the same as the old contract?  Exactly! Furlough protection stands.

When do we get the signing bonus? 
  The Company will process payments within 30 days of ratification.  Taxes and other deductions will still apply.

International Override?
– One dollar per hour for all of our flights.

What is the 401K matching contribution?
  The Company will match up to 50% of the FAs first 3 to 6% (depending on years of service) of contributions to a 401K program.

What are the Trip Rigs?
  These are protections that will kick in to compensate if we have layovers longer than 29 hours.  (For example the seven day Fiji trip that paid 13 hours!)

What does Reduced Flying mean? 
  This will allow FAs drop to zero hours – subject to the Company’s operational needs.   A number of benefits, such as vacation, sick accrual, and insurance premiums will be affected when dropping below 40 hours.

How was OI fixed?
  In addition to workers compensation benefits, direct payment from the Company has beens raised from 30% to 75% per Section 11-J.  We expect this to correctly compensate FAs who are injured on the job.

What about the caps on sick and OI banks?  Caps for withdrawals from sick and OI banks have been raised from 83 to 93 hours in a bid month per Section 11D and E.

What about Crossovers to CAL?
  We are working with the Company to provide the opportunity to get into the new CAL bases with the best seniority dates for bidding. This is a voluntary program like the one in 2011.  Crossovers will go without bidding seniority until the merger is complete.
Information relative to the cross over program is being developed.  There will be a process established outlining base preference, new hire CAL bidding seniority number, training dates and base awards.  The form for cross over selection and timeframes will be forthcoming.  Details of the program will be published.
Questions relative to base assignments, new hire projections and vacancies on the s-CO system will be further explained in a question and answer bulletin that is being developed.  Specific dates for the cross over program are still being finalized and will be competed in the next couple weeks.

What about seniority? 
We now have a seniority integration committee:  Jack Hegg and Ray Leon Guerrero.  Using Company records, these two gentlemen will establish a list for Air Mike.  When they are done, ALL FAs will have the opportunity to review their dates and participate in an appeal process if they feel there is a discrepancy.  At the conclusion of that process, the list will be merged with CAL and UAL.

What about the grievance regarding pay for the bought-back vacation?
  Unfortunately this issue became the deal breaker in our negotiations.  We agreed upon on an increased signing bonus as settlement rather than gamble on the uncertain outcome of an arbitration and failure to reach a tentative agreement.

Does that mean that pay for the purchased vacation will only, and always, be 3:15/day? 

What about our vacation package?
  We kept it intact!  However, as of January 2015 only the time in “original bid awards, including slides” will be paid and credited.  No more trades to increase value.  (But – that is more than two years from now – and we will probably be into the Joint Book by then.)

What happens if this contract extension is voted down? 

In all likelihood we will NOT return to single contract negotiations.
We will remain with our current book until the Joint Contract is signed.
Joint talks begin on August 27th and we will be there.  The National Mediation Board will almost certainly compel our participation.

Who can vote? 
  All members who are dues current and in good standing.
Voting will be done by phone or computer after complete instructions are mailed to each FAs address.
There will be plenty of time to answer all questions and address all concerns.  We will have meetings and sit with you in the crew room during check-in  banks.
We are always available at our email addresses.

The polls will be opened on July 31st and close on August 17th