NOW, getting ready for the Joint Talks!

Hafa Adai Flyers,

First of all – THANK YOU for the strong vote. Everything is moving swiftly toward full implementation of the changes you approved. The clock is running on the signing bonus – “within 30 days.” The 401K is going to take some time to set up, but they are working on it. Same with the pay raise, International Over Ride dollar and contractual issues that have to go through computers. The language for CrossOvers is being finalized as numbers in the new bases stabilize. We will keep you posted. And – on we go!

Starting NOW, we are collecting Proposals for the next round. You can email them to this e-dress, or place them in the union box or our V-Files. We will also be monitoring FaceBook. HOWEVER – due to the Rules of Engagement that we have set within the Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC- get used to those initials!), we will not participate in FB discussions and debates. Enjoy these useful forums – but do not expect answers from the Committee.

Our goal is to have everyone on the same page – THIS page! If you are not getting these blasts, with the colorful heading – let us know. We want everyone to get the same message at the same time. You can find the latest posts on our website: We will also strive to keep the bulletin board current, and put copies of the latest postings on the Union Table.

But, back to Proposals. These were our top hits as we worked on the Extension:

  • Pay Raise
  • Restore one week of vacation
  • Restore $2/hr IOR
  • Drop to zero
  • Reserve Improvements including more days off, drafting pay when days are rolled
  • Settle Vacation Arbitration
  • Higher accrual rate for sick – back to 5 hr/month – as in pre 2006 book
  • Full use of sick bank
  • Implement Duty Rigs
  • 401K match
  • COLA
  • Retirement option/buy out
  • Retro pay
  • Longer crew rest downline
  • Single seniority list – not separate for ISMs
  • Galley pay – all flights
  • Long term disability insurance

We did knock a couple things off our list this month, now we need your feedback as we go forward. While we will be collecting your proposals for a month, we will always be receptive to your concerns. As a shorthand for submitting proposals – how about telling us which numbers (1-17) are most important to you? Certainly feel free to add on and elaborate!

The CAL MEC has published the major proposals they got from over 32,000 submissions. They are:

  • No rotating reserve system
  • Keep the current CAL trip trading system with increased flexibility
  • No Preferential Bidding (PBS)
  • Keep CAL position/line bidding
  • No caps on flying
  • Keep the one day off in seven provision
  • No restrictions on scheduled daily flight time (no 8 in 24)
  • Improved minimum layover rest provisions
  • Keep the separate domestic/international bases
  • Reserve system improvements/senior reserve lines
  • Pay raises

As you can see all but a couple of these are “keepers.” The CAL focus is clearly on keeping what they’ve got! I’m fairly certain that this will be a common theme for us as well. But, let us know what you think.

Your JNC will be meeting with the Company on August 27th. We are excited about the prospects of creating an industry leading contract that will secure our jobs and lifestyles. Thank you for your support.

In Solidarity,

Your Negotiating Committee,

Suzanne, Kathleen, and Cynthia