Negotiations Update (Feb. 28, 2014)

The JNC has concluded a week of negotiations with management in Seattle.

Our first session with the Company was Tuesday afternoon and we were presented with counter proposals on the General section that included responses to our previous proposals on Crew Lounges and Passports.  The Company also gave us another proposal for Uniforms in response to our last proposal in January.  The JNC gave the Company counter proposals on Meetings & Trainings and Seniority.

Both parties spent the bulk of Wednesday working separately, but we did meet briefly in the afternoon and we presented a counter proposal on Uniforms and the Company responded to us on Seniority.

Thursday we continued discussing Uniforms with the Company while exchanging another set of proposals with them on the subject.  The JNC also presented responses on Meetings & Trainings and Seniority.  We ended the day with a discussion recognizing that we had spent much of the week talking about Uniforms and Seniority, and how a few key items are keeping the parties from reaching an agreement, and that final agreement on these two sections may not be possible until later.

On Friday the Company gave us one more proposal on Uniforms, and we made presentations on Pass Travel, the Savings Clause and Safety & Health.

While our report this week is cut and dried, as most of them have been of late, it’s important to understand that in the past few sessions we are doing more than simply passing paper back and forth across a long table.  Both parties are actually having discussions that are moving us closer together on the subjects at hand.  The JNC is working hard to keep those discussions happening.

This week the Company told us their view is that negotiations need to be accelerated.  We whole-heartedly agree. Our next session is the week of March 10th in Chicago.

Cindy Commander, CAL
Greg Davidowitch, UAL
Kathleen Domondon, CMI
Joey Guider, CAL
Suzanne Hendricks, CMI
Cynthia Iverson, CMI
Jack Kande, UAL
Kevin Lum, UAL
Marcus Valentino, CAL