More about that Tentative Agreement

Hafa Adai Flyers,

Thank you to the sixty five FAs who attended our meeting yesterday.  It was a very positive session.  We will have another round tomorrow:

Union Meeting, July 25th
4-6 pm
Airport Conference Room 

If you have questions or concerns about our Contract Extension, or anything else – BRING ‘em!  Or email. Or call.  Or leave a note!  You should have complete answers to EVERYthing before voting begins on July 31st and ends August 17th.  A packet will be mailed to your home address with voting instructions.  You will vote by computer or phone.

CONTRACT EXTENSION –  This Tentative Agreement will extend the life of our current book.  NOTHING has been taken out – only positive things were added.       Except these two, highly unlikely, “IFs.”

IF we are still without a Joint Contract in 2015, we will lose the ability to line trade to get more paid vacation hours.  The rest of our vacation package remains exactly as it is – including slides to pick up more pay.  Purchased vacations will continue to be paid 3:15 per day.
IF there is another ISM class, they will be paid at the CAL rates which are lower than what all existing ISMs will continue to receive.

FURLOUGH PROTECTION:  The language in our book is rock-solid:  NO furloughs as long as our current contract exists.  Period!  Our current contract will exist until we sign another.   (CAL did not have furlough protection until their recent extension – that’s why they added language.  We didn’t need new language – we already had it.  Twice over!)

401K –  Will be administered by an outside company (like Mass Mutual, Prudential, etc.) We have an existing 401K arrangement with ASC.   This has already been arranged for the CAL FAs – we’ll get the name shortly.  The Company can probably set this up within 60 days.  FAs will have the opportunity, once per year, to declare their deductions and opt in or out of the 401K program.  This is a federal law – not a company imposed limitation.

Metal Protection – Clearly the Company can, and has, moved aircraft freely between CAL and CMI.  They cannot move planes between UAL and CAL or CMI.  This is metal protection – so I guess we got it, wether we like it or not.  That’s why the Company is forced to open all the new bases – and why they are so eager to get this merger completed.

Trip Rigs –  This is pay for pairings that include a scheduled layover that is longer than 29 hours.  It guarantees minimum pay value added to line value, or the flight time, whichever is greater: one hour of pay for each four hours away from base.

Crossover –  This is essentially our 2011 agreement – and the deal that UAL got.  The Company is hopeful that we will get our TA passed, and have the opportunity to opt into these bases.  The flying will be all domestic on 737s.  Pairings are not yet built, but we should see them around the end of August.  As we finish our vote on Aug 17th, the remaining vacancies in all CAL bases will be clear.  Most likely ORD and IAD will be the junior bases.  New classes graduate at the end of September.  We want our crossovers to be on line with seniority dates before then.  The Company will help FAs making the transition by delaying their date to start flying if it is possible.  By October 1st everyone must be in place and ready to fly.  We cannot yet know how many GUM  FAs will be allowed to cross over, nor do we know exactly where the vacancies will be.

Good Standing – means you are dues current.  If you are unsure – call this number and find out!   1-800-424-2401  Ext 707

Base Closures –  Many FAs in the smaller bases across the system are worried about this.  It cannot happen here until after we get the Joint Contract.  At that time, IF our base were to be closed we would have options…  There is absolutely nothing we can do about this – so I would put it in the “worry about this later” category…

Seniority Integration – We have our committee:  Jack Hegg and Rey Leon Guerrero.  It is going to be a difficult and challenging job for them.  They will be working with AFA leadership, lawyers and other professionals.  After they have solidified the CMI list – everyone will have the opportunity to dispute their decisions.  Then they will bravely sally forth to put it all together with CAL and UAL and we will finally be UNITED.

Whew!  That’s more than enough for this Blast, eh?  Still got questions?  You know what to do with ‘em!  My e-dress is on this blast.  I will find your answers!

In honest solidarity,