Meeting with Management – Addressing Our Issues

Hafa Adai

Today, at our request, your Master Executive Council Officers, Phil Rayphand, Kathleen Domondon and Victor Giles-Williams met with Sam Risoli, Senior Vice President of Inflight, Wendy Femia, Jeff Wall, Managing Director of Labor Relations for Continental, Clarissa Perez and Robbie Crisostomo to discuss outstanding grievances and a variety of other pressing concerns.  LEC Grievance Chair Cynthia Iverson and Morna MacDonald assisted with the grievance portion of the meeting.

As part of the grievance discussions we were able to conclude the majority of the grievances and were successful in reducing several disciplines and obtaining monetary settlements for other flight attendants.  Specific information will be communicated directly to the flight attendants affected once the final settlement agreements have been signed.  Thanks to Cynthia and Morna for their continued support on behalf of the CMI membership.

Additionally, we were able to resolve the issue of management returning to flying from the office.  While we are sensitive to our friend’s personal situations, we have a duty to uphold the contract, which allows for such transfers only if there are openings.  Since there are no current openings, the company has agreed that these people will not be able to transfer back to the line.  We were able to stop this violation of the contract with assistance from the quick action of our members, grievance committee and professional staff!

Following the grievance discussions, your Officers and AFA Staff Attorney, Scott Goodman, continued the meeting to address our concerns regarding the reduction in flying out of GUM and the resulting changes to our lives.

Sam once again shared the route change information that the Company put out in June. No changes have been made since that time.  In addition, he explained that all areas of the operation (CMI, CAL and UAL) will see changes in flying that are perceived as losses. We will not be alone in having to adapt to shifted operations, although we have been very forceful in advocating our specific concerns.

We explored a variety of options with Sam for how to reduce the impact and will continue discussions in an attempt to limit the impact going forward during this interim process of the merger.  Your AFA leaders have made it clear to the company that we would like to meet more regularly with Senior Management to address our specific concerns for CMI. We believe management was open to this idea and will continue to push for these meetings.

Phil will be in DC next week representing us at the AFA Executive Board meeting. This meeting includes every Master Executive Council President from across AFA’s system. He will also meet with AFA Collective Bargaining Director Clare Burt to discuss our collective efforts to mitigate the impact of this transition. Kathleen and Victor will be available in the crew room throughout next week to further answer your questions regarding the meeting and our discussions.