Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Flyers!

I hope you all are making memories with the ones you love.  May your blessings be too numerous to count.

Kathleen, Rsei and I just returned from meetings in Houston, and union orientation classes at the CWA-AFA Headquarters in Washington DC.  We learned a lot and are working comfortably with our peers at CAL and the seasoned professionals at AFA.

In Houston, we talked to Sam Risoli about the devastating affect of moving our Big Birds and the HNL flights to UAL.  With the assistance of our attorney, we are filing a grievance regarding the loss of FLS flight time to the NRT base.

Some of you had hopes for another CAL bridge – with seniority.  Unfortunately, this is not simple or easy. It gets VERY complicated when we are talking about seniority. The new CAL MEC did not deem this a possibility.  For one thing, the CAL F/As would have to vote on allowing us to slip into their seniority list…  Getting that ballot out would take months – and, it’s hard to figure out why they would vote “yes.”  We are told that negotiations for the United F/As is progressing.  They could have a Tentative Agreement early in the new year.

In the meantime, the CAL contract is approaching its amendable date – and they have petitioned Management for an early start on negotiations: March!
Not to be left in the dust – we are also notifying the Company that we want to begin negotiations on OUR book.  It is time to make improvements to our contract which is now a year past its amendable date.  This is the best pressure we can exert toward getting to that Single Contract.  All these negotiations could take place in pieces – or as one.  We cannot control that.  But we can insist that our negotiations begin – with the involvement of a mediator if necessary.

Other stuff: 
We talked about the fact that the emergency incubator cannot be carried on the current 777 to HNL.  It’s much more complicated than adding belts and an extension cord…
We also asked about a side agreement for jumpseating on the UAL planes. Still following up on that.  Unfortunately it’s not going to happen this month.

Dues Check Off:  Automatic payroll deduct is the simplest way to deal with dues.   These forms are available in the office.  If you are still receiving payment requests from HQ it is because your form was not processed prior to the close out date for that month.  Please get caught up as soon as you can.  We all have dues obligations since last July.  If you have more questions please get in touch with Rsei at:

Friends, we are in transition, and need to ride out this rough period.  In the mean time, please help each other as much as you can, carry your contracts, and be aware of your legalities.

Recently there have been a couple questions about On Duty Time Limits.
Legally, you can be flown right up until it gets so that the NEXT LEG is scheduled take you over your contractual limit for on duty time: 17+30. (This includes 30 minutes post block.)
Please be aware that, once you waive your legalities, management is able to keep you on duty as long as necessary.  For example: Suppose you are only projected to be 5 minutes over as they shut the door in Majuro.  So, you agree to waive, and fly on.  Then they open the door again and the delay goes on for hours….  You cannot “un-waive.”  Hopefully these occurrences will be rare as we fly into the new year.

We will be scheduling a union meeting in January.  We want to collect your contract proposals and ideas.  Anyone interested in joining our Contract Committee should contact me.  The best way to do that is here, at this email address:

I hope you will let the Peace and Goodwill of this season help you find Comfort and Joy.  Be kind to your stressed co-workers.  If you are having problems with someone, keep the Company out of it and let us know.  We will set you up with professionals who can help resolve issues without threatening anyone’s employment.

Have a merry Christmas, fly safely and — EXPECT a very Happy New Year!