Joint Contract Negotiations Update – Sept 14, 2012

Since the Joint Negotiating Committee’s (JNC) first meeting with United Airlines management on August 27th, the JNC has been working in earnest to bring our three Contracts together into a new Joint Contract.

The JNC continues to go through our respective Contracts to gain a better understanding of how each of the sections work. Over the last two weeks the JNC have been identifying differences and similarities in our Contracts, subject by subject, section by section. In addition to familiarizing themselves with each other’s Contract they are also researching and comparing how Flight Attendants at other airlines do their work as well. Add to all of this your feedback via surveys and proposals, and the JNC have all of the components needed to draft the proposals, which will ultimately be presented to the Company. With over 100 subjects and Contract sections to review and reconcile, you can see this process will take time. All the JNC Members agree it is paramount that their work is thorough and complete.

Progress is being made. Your feedback and guidance continues to inspire the JNC as they work together to build the best Contract for all Flight Attendants at the new United Airlines.