JNC Update – June 14, 2013

Knowledge is Power

(Authored by your Joint Communication Committee)

The saying “knowledge is power” might be cliché but it is true. An informed work group is a strong work group. To that end, AFA has established a vast array of different sources of news and information, to enable us to stand together with our Flight Attendant Sisters and Brothers to let our voice be heard. Listed below are the many sources of information available to all of us:

    • Our United website: www.ourunited.org
    • Our United Newsletter: sign up today!
    • Local Council Newsletters
    • Local Council and MEC Websites
    • AFA Representatives in your base/domicile
    • Our Negotiations Expert (O.N.E.): Fellow Flight Attendants who offer you face-to-face interaction. O.N.E.s are an invaluable resource for getting information about our Joint Negotiations and provide feedback to our Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC). Keep an eye out for the green O.N.E. tags hanging behind these specially trained Flight Attendants’ IDs

To be informed means to be involved. Take ownership of your Contract and stake a claim for the future. Our Union is dedicated to providing all of us with the necessary tools we need to be an active, involved, and informed Membership. AFA will always provide you with all the latest facts and information about our ongoing Negotiations. Don’t rely on rumors and gossip. Trust the information straight from our Union.

All of you have been doing a fantastic job of showing your support and solidarity and we urge you to maintain your enthusiasm and dedication as we continue forward with Joint Contract Negotiations.

When the new uniform debuts on June 25th, don’t forget to transfer the most important accessory: your AFA pin. Your AFA pin placed on the right lapel above our hearts, symbolizes our care and concern for one another. Your pin represents your voice, and your power, at the negotiating table and beyond. Stay informed, get involved, and above all else, maintain Solidarity.

one_badgeWhat Can I do?

If you’re interested in getting involved and taking an active role in the molding of our future, we are currently seeking volunteers for the following programs:

* The O.N.E. Program: Take a step and contact your Local Council Representative about an upcoming training session. O.N.E. representatives are currently available throughout the system. From your jumpseat, to the concourse an O.N.E. representative is available and eager to engage with you and we would love to have you join us in O.N.E.

videocamera_lg* VIDEO CHALLENGE: The Joint Communication Committee is looking for talented and enthusiastic Members who would like to get involved and make an impact on our Negotiations. We are looking for ways to utilize short videos to communicate with Flight Attendants across the system. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got professional training, or you are self-taught and like to play around with video, this could be an opportunity to showcase your talent and creativity to over 25,000 Flight Attendants. We are looking for a number of individuals with their own sets of skills and talents; the more creative people we have involved, the better the outcome. (Click here for details)

If you want to get more involved with Negotiations we’d love to hear from you. We’re always looking for more Flight Attendants to work with us and share their unique talents. Please contact us at communications@ourunited.org with your name, file/employee number, domicile/base, email address and phone number and we’ll get back to you right away.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

JNC Report

The Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) has completed another week of negotiations with United management. Due to logistical problems, bargaining was moved from Pittsburgh to Chicago.

At the beginning of the week we presented management with counter proposals on Commuter Policy, Crew Lounges, Crew Meals, Deadheading, Pass Travel, Seniority and Tidying.

In the days that followed we spent time having more in depth discussions regarding our counter proposal on a Commuter Policy. Management is trying to clarify their concerns regarding how Flight Attendants get to work, and we continue to advocate for the issues you have brought to us on the same subject.

We had similar detailed discussions regarding Crew Meals. Management brought in two different subject matter experts to flesh out and explain how their proposal works. At the end of the week we received counter proposals from management on AMC/CRAF Flying, Crew Lounges, Passports & Visas, Uniforms. Management also indicated they were returning Crew Meals, Deadheading, Pass Travel and Tidying as proposed.

No tentative agreements were reached this week.

The JNC has been given the task of advancing your issues, and that means the issues of ALL United Flight Attendants not just from one subsidiary or another. We fully understand this responsibility and we take it seriously.

Negotiations are scheduled to resume in Denver the week of July 8th.

In Solidarity,

Cindy Commander, CAL
Greg Davidowitch, UAL
Kathleen Domondon, CMI
Joey Guider, CAL
Suzanne Hendricks, CMI

Cynthia Iverson, CMI
Jack Kande, UAL
Kevin Lum, UAL
Marcus Valentino, CAL

Negotiations to Date

7 Total Direct Negotiations Sessions with management
32 Total Days Negotiating at the Bargaining Table (as of May 17, 2013)
26 Total Subjects for New Agreement (as of April 5, 2013)
2 Tentative Agreements Reached with Management

Meeting Dates

Council 5 (JFK) and Council 62 (EWR) O.N.E. Training

Date: June 19, 2013
Time: 8am – 10am
Location: Council 62 Local Office: 570 Broad Street, Suite 540 Newark, NJ 07102
For More Information: Please contact your Local Council if interested in participating.

Council 21 (DCA, IAD, BWI) and Council 62 (IAD)

Date: June 25, 2013
Time: 12pm – 8pm
Location: IAD Rotunda
Activities: O.N.E. Solidarity Event, Your Uniform is Not Complete Without Your Pin, Q&A

Council 38 (NRT)

Date: June 25, 2013
Time: 2:30pm – 5:30pm
Location: NRT Domicile Lounge Area
Activities: O.N.E. Solidarity Event, Your Uniform is Not Complete Without Your Pin, Q&A

Council 42 (IAH) and Council 64 (IAH) O.N.E. Training

Date: June 26, 2013
Time: TBD
Location: Council 64 Local Office: 363 N. Sam Houston Parkway East
For More Information: Please contact your Local Council if interested in participating.

Council 21 (DCA, IAD, BWI) and Council 62 (IAD) O.N.E. Training

Date: July 16, 2013
Time:10am – 2pm
Location: IAD Conference Room A – Across from Baggage Claim 1
For More Information: Please contact your Local Council if interested in participating.