JNC Update – Friday, April 5, 2013

The Master Executive Councils (MEC) for Continental, Continental Micronesia and United Airlines held special meetings yesterday and today for the purpose of reviewing the proposed Contract language for the following 11 subjects:

AMC (Air Military Command – formerly MAC)

CRAF (Civil Reserve Air Fleet)


Onboard Crew Rest

Alcohol and Drug Testing

Duty Free

Jury Duty / Court Witness

Leaves of Absence

Pass Travel


Seniority (New Hire, Probationary Terms, Supervisors, etc.)

As we’ve told you in previous updates, the JNC develops our proposals in small working groups where we familiarize ourselves on a particular topic.  The familiarization includes understanding how the topic is handled at each airline to identify common practices and areas where we want to develop new practices.  The entire JNC reviews the working group’s findings, and gives direction on whether more research and development is needed, or if the proposed Contract language is ready for the MECs to approve.

The 3 MECs spent the last two days giving us feedback on the proposed Contract language, and we incorporated many of their suggested changes and additions.  At the conclusion of the meeting all three of the MECs voted unanimously to approve the language.

In addition to reviewing the proposed Contract language, we spent time updating the 3 MECs on the current state of negotiations and the decided lack of progress.  We reported on United management’s continued insistence that our Contract should not be a “book full of rules,” and that they “will not accept an agreement that speaks to details.”  We explained that management continues to act as if these are concessionary negotiations, attempting to claw back provisions from all three of our Contracts that have served Flight Attendants and our airlines well for many years.

The Company is once again suggesting that negotiations would move more quickly if we would only adopt the same bargaining process they are using with other labor groups.  In light of last week’s overwhelming rejection of the Company’s tentative agreement with the IAM, the JNC and the 3 MECs are not inclined to believe following management’s process is going to get us anywhere.

We have received reports from the line, and we heard directly from the LEC Presidents at this week’s meeting, that Flight Attendants are disappointed by the slow pace of negotiations.  The JNC is as well.  However, our disappointment is tempered by the knowledge that there is a BIG difference between a quick Contract and a good Contract and we know you that that too.

In Solidarity,

Cindy Commander, CAL
Greg Davidowitch, UAL
Kathleen Domondon, CMI
Joey Guider, CAL
Suzanne Hendricks, CMI
Cynthia Iverson, CMI
Jack Kande, UAL
Kevin Lum, UAL
Marcus Valentino, CAL