JNC Update – Dec. 13, 2013

The JNC has completed a week of negotiations in New York.  This week, we worked on Cabin Jumpseat Authority (CJA) and Reciprocal Cabin Seats.  These important benefits are crucial to many Flight Attendants, particularly to those who use jumpseats and cabin seats when commuting to and from work.

As we’ve told you before, the process we utilize to develop proposals involves researching and understanding how specific provisions work in each of the subsidiary airlines’ Contracts, as well as reviewing what’s going on in the industry.  We did that with respect to CJA and put together a proposal which sought to maintain and improve United Flight Attendants access to open jumpseats and, in some cases, open cabin seats, on all United Airlines aircraft.

We made our initial proposal to United management in December of last year and have traded numerous counter proposals over the ensuing months. Throughout our discussions with management, our focus has been to maintain the CJA benefits and improve the means by which Flight Attendants access them.  At the same time, it has also been important to update the way this benefit works so that it more accurately reflects today’s Flight Attendant population and real world airline operations.

We focused solely on CJA this week in New York, and after five days of passing proposals back and forth and engaging management in realistic and meaningful discussion, we believe we have met United’s interests on this subject and accomplished our goals.  We reached a tentative agreement with management on Cabin Jumpseat Authority and Reciprocal Cabin Seats this morning.

While an entire year might seem like an overly long period of time to wrestle over provisions like CJA and Reciprocal Cabin Seats, the JNC believes it was necessary to be patient and methodical in our work in order to achieve our goals.  As a point of reference, the pilots negotiated over their jumpseat provisions for four years.

A tentative agreement, even if for just one more subject, provides us with a positive end to the year and perhaps a positive beginning for the new one.  The JNC will next meet with management next month in Chicago the week of January 13th.

In the mean time all of us on the JNC wish every United Flight Attendant, and their families, safe, happy and peaceful holidays.

In Solidarity,

Cindy Commander, CAL
Greg Davidowitch, UAL
Kathleen Domondon, CMI
Joey Guider, CAL
Suzanne Hendricks, CMI
Cynthia Iverson, CMI
Jack Kande, UAL
Kevin Lum, UAL
Marcus Valentino, CAL