It’s our job – and Our Contract!

Hafa Adai Flyers!

Stick those stickers on your own stuff! United’s current campaign is reminding us that “It’s our job.” The stickers you recently found in your mailboxes are to emphasize the point that “It’s our contract” that seals the deal. We love the job, and do it well – protected by the book that defines the rules, and sets the limits. Make your stickers, your solidarity, visible – but PLEASE do not put them on any Company property! Discipline could be severe.

Contract work, talks, and preparation continue to consume huge blocks of your Joint Negotiation Committee’s time. We usually meet at an airport hotel in Chicago the week prior to sitting with the Company. Our time at the Table is followed by another week of digesting what happened, and getting ready for the next round. Progress is slow. As always, I encourage you to go to the site: for the latest information. Sign up to have the news delivered to your inbox.

Our night NRT will be gone as of October first – this reflects a seasonal change. The NRT base will fly KIX, and the night NGO – that’s all. New lines reflecting the loss of our NRT-HKG flight are being developed. It looks like 4 and 7 day trips, with deadheading on the longer pairings to position for the flights to Saigon with long layovers in Hong Kong and Viet Nam.
This loss of flying is painful. Currently most of our lines are barely built to the guarantee of 70 hours; almost a third fall below. The median Reserve, guaranteed 80, is flying 35. Last month, eleven Reserves flew less than 10, while thirteen flew over 50. We will, AGAIN, be bringing this to the Company’s attention when we meet in Chicago next week.

Service Training. It is mandatory – and required. As such it falls under Section 8, A.1. of our contract. If the originally awarded line does not have a day available for training, the “Lineholder will receive full pay and credit for the trip or pairing missed.” If the Company requires you to drop a trip – you will be paid for it. You may ask to move your training to another month. There is no opportunity to take this training out of base.

Grievances: Privacy concerns prevent disclosure of all we have been doing on this front. We did file a Group Grievance regarding the “hidden pairings” that only showed up on the old system and not on CCS. It was a technological problem that deprived the entire base of an opportunity to pick up trips. That problem has now been resolved with all systems working in sinc. We were able to obtain leniency for one FA with attendance issues; and there were several paycheck shortages that were not attended to within required time limits. These have been processed with additional pay offered for the contract violation. The Island Hopper crew that had a delayed HNL departure that brought them home late, has been granted the restoration of two days off without loss of pay.
Larger issues loom – and are still being investigated and argued. Stay tuned for more information.

Meanwhile, please know that your officers, and Grievance team is always available to assist you. Jose continues to be our Man on the Island. He is here when we are not. Kathleen, Cynthia and I remain in close continual contact with Jose even when we are at Negotiations.

A very special thank you to all who joined our ONE Beach Party. It was a great day of family fun, and feasting – without too much shop talk. The boys on the Bar-B-Que were masters of the art. So many people contributed, it is not possible to name them all. We will definitely do this again. And again!

Until next time fly safely, and keep in touch.
In Solidarity,  Suzanne