Into the New Year

Hafa Adai Flyers,

Today United announced that April 1st, they will furlough 685 s-UAL Flight Attendants.  This is expected to sweep across all of s-UALs bases except HNL and SEA.  We, at Air Mike, stand in sympathetic solidarity with our sisters and brothers.  We sincerely hope that Management will reconsider, and find options to prevent the layoff of these Flight Attendants who have been flying since November 2006.

We had a positive decision this week regarding the loss of a day off.  When you are caused, by rescheduling, or delay, to fly into your day off – the Company is  contractually required to allow you to recover that day, or be paid five hours.  A day is considered “lost” when you fly more than four (4) hours into it – OR past midnight, if you were originally scheduled to arrive home before 1900.  You must contact Scheduling immediately if you wish to have the day restored – or you will be given the 5 hours.

If it has been more than twelve (12) months since you have had any discipline, complaint letters, or other negative items placed in your personnel file – you should make an appointment to go in and get them out! These records are not automatically  removed.   You must ask a supervisor to schedule a time for you to review – and remove – any out dated discipline.  Unless you are on Termination Warning, 12 months is as long as these records should exist.  Exploring your Personnel File can prove very interesting!  If you have questions or need help, let us know.

Double Dipping.  This long-time practice on Guam is currently being questioned.  For many years, when a FA loses a trip and is pay protected, they have had the option of picking up another trip during the time originally scheduled to fly – hence, the double pay/dip.  Now, we are being told that this will only  be permitted if “the system allows it.”  And the system will no longer allow it during the time that was pay-protected.  In order to establish, and prove, our longstanding past practice, we need evidence.  If you are one of the many who has taken advantage of the Double Dip, please search your records and provide us with all the information you can.

Earlier this month, your Joint Negotiating Committee spent a snow-bound week sequestered in Wisconsin.  In temperatures as low as twenty degrees below zero, we worked with our instructor from Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations to increase our focus and intensions.  We are now in Chicago, completing the latest round of Joint talks with the Company and preparing to issue a report detailing exactly how our talks have been progressing.  Look for the latest news at

Meanwhile, back on our island, Jose has been efficiently handling a multitude of issues.  All of your officers remain easy to contact, and ready to assist.
Fly safely, enjoy the job that you all do so very well, and keep in touch!

In Sincere Solidarity,  Suzanne