Happy New Year!

I hope you had a merry Christmas, and are enjoying the season and special times with the ones you love.

2013 presented our small base with changes and challenges. We had unexpected retirements, a tragic murder, threats to employment, battles over interpretation of our contract, Reserve discontent, and finally another Cross Over. All this we handled, while still coping with reduced hours and minimal line values. We remain hopeful that the New Year will bring more flight time, interesting layovers and exciting opportunities for all. The new Korea trip will be a beginning.

To the six who have boldly opted to cross over to CAL, we send our best wishes that this turns out to be a rewarding and happy career move. Likewise, we hope our two retired friends are finding fulfillment in their leisure.

Negotiations took a great deal of time and work in 2013. Although we managed to sign off on one more small section as the year ended, the work ahead is massive. Your JNC has scheduled “sequester sessions” in a remote part of Wisconsin for January and February. We intend to lock ourselves away from distractions so we can intensify our efforts to finish writing language for the remaining sections. We will be back at the Table on January 12th, ready for the next round of meetings with the Company.

Meanwhile, back on island, we handled dozens of gripes and grievances. You elected a strong team of local leaders who are dedicated to protecting you and your careers. Our powerful EAP ladies have reached our to those seeking help.  With your support and trust, each of us has stretched and grown into the demanding role of representing you.

A special thank you to all who took an active part, working with us this year. Whether you were seeking self-help in solving a payroll problem, taking a stand against knives on planes, stepping up to put together a beach party, or just being there for a friend in time of sorrow or need: you made a difference.

Thank you for being what makes us so proudly, and distinctly, Air Mike!

May the new year bring you comfort, adventure, fulfillment, and Peace.
Sincerely, Suzanne