Guam’s EAP Wins Award

Hafa Adai Flyers,

It is with great pride that I announce that Guam’s EAP team: Beverly Haines, Debbie Purcell, and Karen Ives were the winners of this years AFA Peggy Price Award!

This prestigious prize was named in honor of a Denver based flight attendant who died in the TWA crash of Flight 800 in 1996. It recognizes the outstanding dedication, commitment and involvement of an Employee Assistance Program Committee that has demonstrated outstanding efforts on behalf of their membership. AFAs EAP offers an option for Flight Attendants to seek help without taking their problems to the Company.

Although our Guam EAP team has only been on official duty for a year and a half; they have had a significant impact on our base. After eagerly absorbing all the lessons that could be offered by AFAs learned professionals – our ladies quickly put their knowledge to work. It was not new territory for any of them. They had previously been active in peer counseling, and taken classes to prepare themselves for intervention in the event of traumatic airline problems or disasters. As members of our Professional Standards team, trained in conflict resolution and mediation, they have boldly stepped between quarreling co- workers. In addition, each has spent years working as professional yoga instructors or teaching the techniques of Nonviolent Communication. (This specialized skill, which they are eager to spread, enables the listener to recognize deep feelings and respond with empathy and understanding.)

Beverly, Debbie and Karen have each put this cumulative training and experience to excellent use. They have worked with dozens of flight attendants who were in need of condolences, empathy – or just an attentive, compassionate listener. Fully aware of all the assets at their command, they have referred several of our flight attendants and their family members to the appropriate agency or to other means of finding the right help. They have addressed issues ranging from alcohol and drug problems, to domestic abuse and mental health.

Our three ladies have developed into a powerful, passionate team – confident about their ability to step up and handle challenging situations. Available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, they have quickly mobilized to be by the side of flight attendants following an emergency landing or other traumatic situation. Although very strict confidentiality requirements prevent more detailed disclosure of their work, it is very clear that these qualified and concerned ladies have had a life-changing impact on several of our members.

Please join me in offering your congratulations to these hard working women!

They have published contact information encouraging anyone to seek them out in times of trouble. It is good to know that they are there for all of us.

Congratulations Karen, Debbie and Bev! Well done!

Sincerely, Suzanne