Full implementation STILL pending, and…

Hafa Adai Flyers,

We share your frustration in the time it is taking for full implementation of the extensions that we approved for our contract last August. Yes, it is taking too long, and No, the changes will not be paid retroactively. Your pay raise is there, as is the dollar an hour of International Override and 401K. The trip rigs, and ability to drop to 40 or below, have yet to be set up in computers. I have asked that it be done manually since we are such a small group – but no deal.

Please know that Continental FAs are still awaiting all the fixes to their contract – and they were several months ahead of us. This stuff takes time, they tell us. And we agreed, at the Table, to be patient. Yes – that patience is running short. And we are pushing. I talked to Sam Risoli yesterday – and will keep pressing.

Last week we sat with the Company to proof-read our newly amended contract. We found a few things that needed fixing. We will re-proof and print soon. Again – CAL, did their second proofing the day after us. They hope to go to the printer in a couple weeks.

Meanwhile – back in the Windy City, your Joint Negotiations Committee (JNC) has just finished up another round of work on creating a new contract for our merging airline. You should have received an email from OUR United explaining our progress and the method we are using to go forward. We have decided that this Newsletter will be our common communication to all the flight attendants of the New United. We want everyone to get the same news, the same way at the same time. So I will not have much to add about that here!

Kathleen, Cynthia and I have been spending two or three weeks each month in Chicago, working with the other six members of the JNC. We are writing the language of an entirely new Collective Bargaining Agreement. It is slow going as we carefully compare all aspects of the three current contracts. We have been researching industry standards to develop a list of common interests and options, taking all your proposals and UALs survey results into consideration. The work is going well.

We have set dates the first week of December to meet with the Company. Thank you for your patience. Thank you, too, for your appreciation of the value of your jobs – and the union that protects them. Remember: “Union membership doesn’t cost – it pays!”

Speaking of which, s-CAL FAs have now been reminded that those who have been failing to catch up on dues obligations are putting their jobs at risk. This is from their most recent newsletter:

Don’t Ignore Your Past-Due Balance on Dues – You Will Lose Your Job!

All s-CAL Flight Attendants are required to keep current on their union dues. Paying Union dues is a requirement for employment as an s-CAL Flight Attendant and has been for two decades – everyone must pay their share. Many have received notices via Certified Mail or in their V-Files stating that they are months or even over a year past due. Please do not disregard these past-due notices – dues delinquent Flight Attendants will be terminated in accordance with Section 26 of the Flight Attendant Contract. If you believe there is a discrepancy, please contact AFA Membership Services at 1-800-424-2401, Extension 707. If you have not signed a membership form or new dues check-off form, please see a local representative. We have negotiated a new DCO form with the company that allows dues arrears recovery so s-CAL Flight Attendants will not fall into a past due status again. We strongly suggest you fill out and turn in a new dues check-off form so you will prevent future past due balances. The form is attached to this email for your convenience. You may also mail your form to membership services directly to the address on the forms. You may pay past due balances online at: https://secure.unasecure.net/afanet/dues_payment.cfm

We, too, will have to be addressing those of you who are delinquent – so please, Friends, take care of this if you are not up to date. Use these numbers and the website to accept personal responsibility for your obligations.

WELCOME HOME to Resi! Our elected Secretary has been away for almost a year. We salute the sacrifices he has personally made to support our country. We rejoice in his safe return.

Check out our new website: cmiafa.org.

And keep in touch. We are ALWAYS just an email or phone call away.

With great expectations for our future,