Finding the Facts

Hafa Adai Flyers!

Your Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) is continuing work on writing a contract to fly us into the future.   For the very latest on negotiations, go to:  This is the ONLY place that your JNC will be posting information.  We want every flight attendant to get the same message, the same time, the same way.  You can sign up for email delivery of the newsletter – or you can read it online.  There are also bios of the entire JNC, copies of all three contracts (Continental Micronesia, Continental & United), and an archive of updates.

We know that you want to know – so we are trying to provide you with as much information as we can – as soon as we can.  The work we are doing cannot reasonably go any faster.  We are not amending or extending a contract – we are writing a new book.   Each month we meet for two to three weeks, then we break, and work independently.  Check out the website for an excellent example of our deliberations.  The Committee will reconvene in a few more days preparing to meet with the Presidents of all the s-UAL bases later this month.  We are scheduled to sit down with the Company, the first week of December. 

Meanwhile, back home on our wonder-full, tropical island…

Our elected Secretary-Treasurer was called away to duty shortly after his term of office began.  Now he is back, and eager to be involved with everything involving Guam and our future in the new United.  He will be our AFA presence on-island while your JNC is away.  Kathleen and I will continue to be available by email or phone at all times – except when we are in the air.

Implementation, at last!

Trip Rigs will be paid for the month of November.  This is new to us although Continental FAs and the Pilots have had it for many years.  This provision only covers one trip:  the Friday Island Hopper.  It will add pay of about 4:15 (four hours, fifteen minutes).  While this does not have a huge impact on many, it is significant to those who fly that pairing!  More importantly, it protects against another Fiji type trip where we got 13 hours and five minutes pay for seven days away from home…

International Override will be reflected on your October pay voucher – that’s one dollar for each hour actually flown, including deadhead.

Dropping to 40 is in effect for the month of November.  We can now trade and drop to 40 hours without losing vacation and sick accrual.  We should be able to drop to zero in January – but not December.  December is not a good month for offering reduced flying – as we remember from last year!  There will be full month leaves and jobshares in December – these must be awarded before any half month leaves.   There will be no half month leaves for the last weeks of the year.

Occupational Injury pay has been fixed.  Still, we hope that very few of you will have an occasion to test this new benefit!

Sick Caps have been raised so that FAs may now claim up to 93 hours (raised from 83) if the line value is 93 or higher.   The full value of the line may still be claimed if there are more than 500 hours in the bank.  Again, may you all remain healthy and strong through the Holiday Season!

Recalling how our International Override and Sick Bank control disappeared immediately upon signing the 2005 Book, we are in discussions with Management about retro-pay for these delayed benefits.

Your grievance committee is pleased to report that we have been very successful in working to reduce or remove discipline, compensate where dollars are due, and ensure that our contract is followed.  While we are not always totally successful, we have developed a very comfortable relationship with Management.  Many complaints never even go through the grievance procedure as we are able to reach a fair and logical agreement, settling “out of court.”

One persistent, and very difficult problem, is:  FLS vs. NRT vs. Everyone. 

These are tough times as the Company’s redeployment of aircraft has cost us all dearly.   FAs have expressed their belief that the NRT base is being favored over our FLS base – and, therefore, all of our members.  

Over on the other side of the sea, the NRT FAs feel the same way…   We are all worried about the hours we have lost and we are all concerned about the future.  Clarissa has been attempting to move the hours back and forth every month or two so that the advantage is continually shifted.  This, of course, is not satisfactory to anyone.   While we certainly sympathize with the NRT FAs – our objective is to protect our members.  We are in discussions with our lawyers, and meeting with Management.

Please be patient and know that we are still in transition.  Just as there are much worse times behind us – there are much better times ahead.  Until next time, fly safely.
Sincerely, Suzanne