Dropping Below

Hafa Adai Flyers,

Reduced Flying has finally been implemented. Effective for APRIL.
Requests to “Reduce flying to Zero” for the April bid period, may be submitted via email to maria.perez02@united.com or via written request to the Inflight Duty Desk by April 1.
Requests should include full name, employee number and identify the April bid period as the requested period to reduce flying.
Requests will be reviewed and award/decline notifications sent on April 2.


Requesting to drop to zero – or below 40 – does NOT guarantee that it will be granted.

  • If it is granted, the FA is NOT compelled to drop below 40, or to zero.
  • PAY consequences: If a FA has been granted a Fly Less, their first paycheck will be for 20 hours instead of 40 as usual. (Because the Company anticipates low hours.)
  • IF the FA doesn’t Fly Less – pay will ultimately be for all the hours actually worked – but not until the next months “clean up” paycheck
  • Flying less than 40 hours will impact vacation, sick and OI accruals. (50% for flying 20-40 hours, NO accrual for flying less than 20 hours.
  • Flying zero hours, the FA will be considered to have been on a personal leave of absence.

I have spoken with Maria Perez and we are of a clear understanding as to what our Extension grants to us. You can read the extension at our website: cmiafa.org. Click on Contracts.

If you have more questions or concerns – call me! I am on island and available!

Suzanne Hendricks
MEC President, Continental Micronesia
AFA-CWA Council 65, Guam

(671) 487-7452 when on Guam
(808) 436-7932 when Stateside