Counting Blessings

Hafa Adai Flyers,

I hope that this message finds you all filled with Thanksgiving and joyful expectation as we enter the holiday season.  May good health and a loving circle of family and friends embrace each of you as we count our blessings this traditional time of year.

Here are a few more blessings to add to your list!

As you may know, we have been working with Clarissa and the Chicago Directors to set up full implementation of the benefits we negotiated in our Contract Extension.  We appreciate your patience while the technology challenges have been worked out.  At this time we are very pleased to report that International Override and Trip Rigs will be paid retroactively to the beginning of the September bid period.   Clarissa says we can expect that money to arrive on the December First paycheck! Occupational Injury coverage will also be calculated back to September first.

And here’s some more good news!

Your Joint Negotiating Committee just completed another very successful round of work.   The local Presidents from each of the 20 United FA bases met with us in Chicago last Thursday and Friday.  AFA’s Constitution and By Laws require that we review proposed contract language with these leaders before we offer our openers to the Company.

The JNC presented proposed language for fifteen sections of the Big Book.  This was the first time we shared any of our work outside of the Committee – and the reception we got was extremely gratifying!  Everyone was very pleased with what we had accomplished and satisfied with the progress we are making.  A few suggestions for minor changes were quickly incorporated – then the group unanimously voted to approve the language we have developed.

All the information we shared with the Presidents of each Council must be kept completely confidential until after formal presentations.   Speeding along in that direction – we will be sitting down with the Company the first week of December. There’s bound to be plenty of new news after that – so stay tuned!

Please remember, the ONLY place to get the most current and most complete information on negotiations is the official website: .  There, you will find a list of the 15 sections we have completed and details of how we are conducting our work.  Check it out and sign up for email delivery of the latest bulletins.   You can also find an archive of these Blue Notes and other information on our base at our official website:

Until next time, Fly safely, Enjoy your jobs, Count your blessings – and Count on more!
Sincerely, Suzanne