CAL TA – now it’s our turn

Hafa Adai Flyers,The news is out! CAL has reached a tentative agreement on amendments to their contract.The highlights are:

  • SIGNING BONUS -$1500
  • PROFIT SHARING – through 2015
  • FURLOUGH PROTECTION extended through Contract amendable date 12/31/14
  • LABOR MANAGEMENT PARTNERSHIP – a guaranteed voice on issues affecting FAs

The language is now being formalized. Then it will be presented to the membership for a ratification vote.

This brings us a giant step closer to the Joint Contract talks that will finally make us all United. Please note that, other than the signing bonus, and hopes of some Profit Shairing, there was no money in the deal that CAL just initialed. They negotiated an improvement in incentive pay which is paid quarterly for hours between 201-330. (Our incentive pay runs from 75 – 120 hours and is paid monthly.) Other than that it was all about schedule flexibility, furlough protection and preparing for the new base openings. Of course, CAL did get a 5% raise when they signed their current book 21 months ago…

Meanwhile, back home at Air Mike, we are preparing for our next round of talks to make improvements and add a few protections to the Concessionary Contract we signed in 2006. The reason that our book is so far past its amendable date (18 months) had to do with the change in unions representing us. The IAM opened Section Six Negotiations for us more than two years ago. Then we got lost in the shuffle. We are now on track and moving rapidly in the right direction.

We will be meeting on the 28th and 29th of June. Expectations are that we will reach a tentative agreement. If that happens we will bring it back for your vote and approval. If CAL votes yes, and we approve amendments to our book – negotiations for the Joint Contract will be underway this summer.

AFA International has scheduled a meeting with CAL, UAL and CMI Officers next week. We will meet with the top AFA Legal and Negotiation staff as we work together to put all these changes into perspective and prepare for the huge talks ahead.

When we sit down to write the book for the united United the task will be massive. We will be setting the standard for ourselves – and the industry – as we seek to combine diverse cultures. Of the Big Three US airlines, created by the consolidations of the past decade, we are now the world’s largest. Number two, Delta, is non-union and struggling with the reality of life without a contract. American is still embroiled in bankruptcy, facing severe cuts, pending merger and an unhappy, distrustful work force.

We are preparing to lead the way into the future. We ask for your trust and support.

In Solidarity, Your Air Mike Negotiation Team

Suzanne Hendricks

Kathleen Domondon

Cynthia Iverson