“Best Sourcing”

Hafa Adai Flyers,

Well, we all learned a new phrase this week: “BEST sourcing.” It’s hard to believe the company we have loved and loyally served for so many years, would put such a transparent title on the OUT sourcing they are currently doing. The treasured jobs of many of our co-workers are being put out for bid to cheaper labor. We are all shocked, and deeply saddened, by the cruel blow that has been delivered to our brothers and sisters in Cargo and Res. As you may be aware, this has been happening all over the New United’s system.

Clearly, the Warmth of Paradise has chilled.

Cynthia was at the meeting to gather information and represent all of us. She explained that the women who delivered the bad news made it clear that they were delivering “ALL the bad news” that day. So please, try to find peace and comfort in that. Our jobs are still secure. We have not dodged a bullet here – the gun was not aimed in our direction. Our line values have been radically reduced and our hours cut, and yes, we will be losing more time in November as Okinawa and Singapore go away. But we still have our jobs, and a guarantee of minimum wages. Under our current contract no flight attendants can be furloughed. We are bullet proof unless there is some major unforeseeable action, or act of God.

I don’t think that is going to happen. Industry analysts believe airlines will do well in the next years. Management at United is determined to position itself to thrive through these challenging times by cutting where they can. We are currently in negotiations for the biggest – and best – flight attendant contract that the country has ever known. That work is going well.

Next week AFA leadership will be meeting with the Company at Headquarters in Chicago. This is a briefing to be presented to the Union where we will be told about some of the plans, and expectations for the future. I will be back to report on all this the first week of October. Until then, please enjoy your jobs, your families and your lifestyles. We have much for which to be thankful.

Sincerely, Suzanne