Beach Party, and the latest…

Hafa Adai Flyers,

Please plan on coming together: Saturday, August 24th at Matapang Beach in Tumon. We are having a Flight Attendant Picnic and Bar-B-Que, sponsored by YOUR union: AFA. There will be lots of food and fun. It should be a great day for friends and families: water play, eating, and enjoying each other. Don’t miss this one!

Your Joint Negotiating Committee has just completed the latest round of contract talks with the Company. Although progress continues to seem slow, please understand the difficulty of what we are trying to accomplish. Your JNC is fighting to keep what we have – while making necessary improvements. We are clearly NOT in concessionary talks this time around. Your JNC is working from stacks of membership input as we are intent upon creating what you have asked for – a contract worthy of the world’s largest, and best, airline. Read the details and get the latest official news by going to:

Local Grievances and Issues:
Happily, we continue to enjoy comfortable communication with our local management. Most issues are quickly settled outside of the official Grievance process. Some matters that we have dealt with lately include:

  • Paycheck shortages. The first step in resolving this is to talk to your supervisor – determine what is missing and why. Then, (section 6 -5) if you are owed more than fifty dollars ($50), you are entitled to a special check within two business days.
  • Pairings missing from Open Time: For two months there was an inconsistency in technology that caused some pairings to be listed in CMPOTC (the “old” system) differently than CCS. This has now been corrected into a singular system, syncing the technology.
  • Attendance and Discipline matters: There have been a number of these that have been handled privately.

Cynthia Iverson is our Grievance Chairperson. She can always be reached at : Or on her cell: (941) 928-4817. Likewise, Kathleen, Jose and I are always standing by to receive your concerns. Our numbers and e-dresses are posted below.

Duty Time on our Asia and island Hoppers.
We are tightly scheduled to fly United’s flights efficiently. Some of our Guam pairings come close to the legal limit with work days that are scheduled over 15 hours on duty. When trips go irregular, a great deal of stress is placed on flight attendants as they are pressured to complete the flight. This always happens at a time when the FAs are extremely exhausted having already been on duty for over 14 hours – without a break or on-board rest period.

This physical exhaustion plus extreme pressure from Station Personnel, or other crew members who may want to fly on, creates a very difficult atmosphere for calculating legalities. So here’s the simplest system I’ve been able to come up with. I hope this information will serve as a guide in understanding your contractual legalities.

Asia Hopper – Home bound:

  • The final duty day of the Asia Hopper is scheduled for 14:50, including 30 minutes after block. (Find this information in your bid packet.)
  • 17:30 (our max duty day) minus 14:50 leaves 2:40 “wiggle room.”
  • If, as you prepare to depart NRT, you are more than 2:40 behind schedule – you have hit your maximum duty time.
  • Departure time, NRT-GUM, is scheduled for 16:45. Add the 2:40 to that and you get 19:25 – NRT time.
  • If the plane is not moving off the blocks – 19:25 is the time when you become illegal in NRT.

Likewise, our Island Hopper:

  • The scheduled duty time for the HNL-GUM day is 15:45.
  • 17:30 minus 15:45 leaves 1:55 “wiggle room.”
  • Scheduled departure from Chuuk is 16:20. Add the 1:55 and you get 18:15 local TKK time.
  • 18:15 is the time that the aircraft must be moving off the blocks in TKK.

Union Plus is a website that continually offers special deals for union members. Check them out at You can join, and sign up for their newsletter, to insure that you get the latest information about bargains and offers.

That’s it for this time. Fly safely, enjoy your jobs, anticipate a bright future – and come to the party on the 24th!

Suzanne Hendricks, President
(671) 487-7452
(808) 436-7932

Kathleen Domondon, Vice President
(808) 436-7931

Jose Torres, Secretary-Treasurer
(671) 858-0271