As the Short Month Ends

Hafa Adai Flyers,

Thanks to those of you who attended our Union Meeting this week. We had interesting conversations and were able to dissolve some rumors. We talked a lot about the Narita Nightmare. This was an unfortunate collision of extreme weather events, overloaded staff, and some poor decisions. The pilots were whisked away to single hotel rooms, while our Flight Attendants were abandoned for 11 hours on a stripped plane with no food or water – not even a functioning lavatory. We are seeking compensation for all they were forced to endure.

Negotiations update: Your JNC went into another “sequester session” this month. We locked ourselves away at a remote location in Wisconsin for twelve days. We worked from 9 to 6 (or later) each day – even taking our meals together. Snow piled up and the temperature never rose above freezing, keeping us tucked inside. We met in small groups and as a whole. We got a lot of work done – not everything we had hoped to finish – but we were very productive.
Go to to look at the booklet we recently posted. It gives a detailed accounting of our work and how it is progressing. We will have a copy of this 58 page report in the crew room shortly. Otherwise, read it on our website. We go back into session with the Company February 24th in Seattle.

The Furlough at United: An agreement was reached between Company and s-UAL AFA and s-CAL AFA. The 685 FAs who are facing unemployment on the United side have been offered a cross over to CAL – the same as our most recent deal. This should significantly reduce the number of FAs to be placed on a bottomless, Involuntary Furlough. The United MEC will pursue a grievance challenging the Company’s power to furlough anyone at all. The results of the crossover offer will be final on Feb 24th.

Cancer Insurance: That’s what we used to call the National Group Protection (NGP) people who came on island to sell supplemental insurance. Now they do a lot more: Accident, Critical illness, Disability and Life. They have a whole menu of options made available to Air Mike, through AFA. They want to come to Guam for an enrollment period in April if enough people are interested. Please let me know if YOU would like to meet with them. I can also provide phone and email contact numbers to anyone who asks.

File Cleansing Reminder: If you have had negative reports, letters or discipline placed in your personnel file – you should make an appointment with a supervisor to review your file and remove anything that is older than 12 months. Only Termination Warnings can remain longer (18 months). Nothing is taken out unless you go do it!

Professional Standards: If you experience trouble with another FA, Pilot or other fellow employee, we would like to ask you to contact one of your local officers before making any report or complaint to Management. We are working with the Pilots Professional Standards Committee to resolve such conflicts before job-threatening actions can occur.

Board of Directors: This is the highest governing body of our Union. It consists of the Presidents of all Local Councils, all MEC officers, and the International Officers. The Board will meet in Orlando the last week of April. New International Officers will be elected and amendments to our Constitution and By-Laws will be considered. There will be a general sharing of knowledge and industry events while reaffirming and/or establishing priorities and strategies for the upcoming year.

Scholarships: The Association of Flight Attendants Scholarship Fund is intended to provide financial assistance to dependents of our active members who will be attending a college or university. Please note that applications must be received by April 10, 2014. Complete details can be found on our website (

We are HERE! – Even when we are there! We answer all calls promptly, and I check my email with a neurotic frequency. You are always within reach of a union officer. Kathleen, Cynthia and I may be many time zones away, doing Contract Negotiations – but you can always get hold of us.

Email is the most certain communication, our phones also work 24/7, and receive texts. When we are gone, we work closely with Jose, who is usually on island – and always totally able to handle anything that comes up.
Our EAP Ladies, Karen, Debbie and Bev are also around to help in time of stress.

Whatever your needs are, you need not feel alone. That’s what it’s like to be part of a union – and part of this great Guam Air Mike family. Be good to each other, fly safely – and keep in touch. I appreciate your replies and thoughts. Send ‘em. And please enjoy my island for me. After one wonder week at home, I am headed back into winter!

In Solidarity, Suzanne

Suzanne Hendricks
MEC President, Continental Micronesia
(671) 487-7452 when on Guam
(808) 436-7932 when Stateside