As January Ends…

Hafa Adai Flyers!

We have just completed another week of negotiations with the Company. For the news on how that went, go to the JNC website: Or check out our Air Mike site: . This is where we will continue to update you.

Your JNC has spent the last five months developing positions and preparing proposals. It is challenging work. When we meet with the Company, we are first dealing with the “low hanging fruit.” These are the smaller issues that we expect to handle fairly, and fairly quickly. More importantly, these are the initial conversations to feel out the process and set the course for our talks. We had hoped to continue negotiations as January ended, but the Company asked for February 18th.

Meanwhile your JNC will continue to work in committee, preparing proposals and evaluating options. This JNC work is keeping us away from Guam for many days each month – and we are not complaining about that! We knew what we were getting into when we sought, and accepted, this responsibility. It is everything we expected, and more: exciting, frustrating, hopeful, exhausting and exhilarating. We are clear on the importance of what we are doing so we remain focused and determined: united, controlled and confident.

But there is some concern that we are losing touch with the base we are trying so hard to protect. Since we aren’t flying, we miss the day-to-day encounters that often yield valuable current information. We have tried to do it all from a distance, electronically. Although emails and phone calls are promptly answered, it just doesn’t seem to be enough – especially when something urgent occurs 9,000 miles away.

We need an on-island union presence. Someone who lives on Guam and can keep a watchful eye on our operation. Someone who is very familiar with our Contract. Preferably someone who has grievance experience and is capable of handling situations that arise unexpectedly. Please talk to each other, offer suggestions, and convince someone you trust to take on this vital task. We expect to work closely with this additional representative despite distances, but feel it is essential to have someone there, on Guam, when issues arise.

CQ – It’s that time again! PLEASE be attentive to your due date and do NOT let it slip by. If you become non-qualified – you will be facing a Termination Warning! Last year there were serious problems when several FAs were allowed to lapse into a “grace month,” then classes were not available.

The AFA Board of Directors will be meeting in Chicago next month. This is the highest governing body of our union. It consists of the International Officers, and the MEC Presidents, Vice Presidents and Secretary-Treasurers of all 20 airlines represented by AFA. There are a number of “agenda items” that will require decisions. We will discuss these issues at our union meeting on February 6th. Please plan to attend and to offer suggestions and guidance.

Thanks for your participation and support.
Fly safely, and enjoy your jobs!