As 2012 Ends

Hafa Adai Flyers,

Initial contract talks with the Company were finally held last week.  For the official words, please go to our JNC website:

The Company asked for the next round to take place starting January 14th.  We immediately agreed.  Your JNC will be there: committed to working at top speed to achieve the industry leading contract that the FAs at the New United deserve.

Meanwhile, back on Paradise Island…

We are delighted that our insistence payed off and provisions of our Contract Extension were paid retroactively.  This brought a bit of Christmas cheer – and cash!

Understanding TRIP RIGS:

Currently, this new provision only pays on the Friday Island Hopper.  It is a safe guard against another Fiji-like pairing where we were gone for seven days, earning only 13:05 in pay…

In the future Rigs will be noted in the bid packet – just like deadhead.  Meanwhile, here’s how it is calculated:

IF there is a scheduled layover of 29 hours, THEN Trip Rigs will guarantee one hour pay for every four hours from the time of check-in through 30 minutes after block-in at home.

Pay will be the greater of actual flight time OR the Time Away From Base (TAFB), divided by four.  If the actual flight pay is more than that math – you will be paid for the actual time.  The rig will not apply.

For Example:

The Friday Island Hopper is scheduled to pay 21:52.  TAFB, as noted in the bid packet, is 105:05.  Dividing TAFB by four = 26:21.  This is the greater – so this is the pay for that pairing.

The Monday and Wednesday Hoppers pay 21:52. TAFB is 80:45 – divided by four = 20:16.  This means that the flight time will be the pay.

Long Hong Kong Layovers – There were complaints about security issues when a single FA was scheduled to stay down town on long layovers.  The Company responded by moving all HKG layovers to the airport hotel.  This month, around Christmas, the entire crew will have HKG layovers of 35 and 47 hours.  The pilots are staying in town – our FAs want to stay there too!  We have addressed this with Clarissa and Cheryl and hope for a fix before the first flight.

Reserve lines in the bid packet are no longer indicating the total number of hours.  We have asked that this information be posted again.  We would also like to know why bid results are no longer being emailed to us immediately after closing.  We have always appreciated the rapid release of this information.

Rumors of us losing Saigon, or re-gaining Honolulu are just that – groundless rumors.  But stay tuned – things are constantly changing!

Elections!  Yes – already!  When your current officers took office, it was mid term.  That term ends on June 30th.  But the election process begins next month!   Everyone will receive complete instructions for nominating officers in a mailing that will go out on January 4th.  Full instructions, a 16 digit activation code, and step-by-step instructions will be included.  Nominations will be counted February 13th.  The ballots to cast votes for officers will be mailed on March 1st – and counted on March 28th.

Issues? Incidents?  Questions?  WHO ya gunna call?  Your Union Reps – that’s who!

It’s true that Kathleen, Cynthia and I are spending two or three weeks in Chicago each month working on the Joint Contract – but we are always available by email or phone.  Dozens of you have directly contacted us – and can attest to the speed of our response.  We have been handling gripes, grievances and other concerns as quickly as they have been presented to us – as quickly as if we were on-island.

Rsei has now returned from his military service.   If you need an on-island presence:  he’s the man.  His phone numbers are 734-1565 or 787-1001.

Our numbers and e-dresses are below.  Keep in touch!

May you have a very Merry Christmas, bringing you everything that you need – and most of what you want! 

With Sincere Expectations for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


Suzanne Hendricks
(671) 487-7452  when on Guam
(808) 436-7932  when Stateside

Kathleen Domondon
(671) 487-7460 when on Guam
(808) 436-7931 when Stateside

Cynthia Iverson
(671) 734-5648 when on Guam
(941) 928-4817 when Stateside