April Update

Hafa Adai Flyers!

I am (finally) back on island after another three weeks of Negotiations work.  We first met in Chicago with all the AFA Local Presidents of the New United.   As required, we presented them with our contract proposals before they could be offered to the Company.  Those meetings went well.  The MEC approved our work after we incorporated a few of their suggestions and amendments.  They wished us luck, and sent us forward to meet with Management.  For the official negotiations update go to: www.OurUnited.org

I want to express my pride and gratitude for those of you who campaigned so vigorously to try to Keep Knives Off our Planes.  You efforts made national news!  Ron, Lucy, Benita, Jose – you were all powerful leaders in this campaign.  There were many others who gave of their time and energy – please know that it was all appreciated, regardless of the result.

We want to welcome Jose Torres to our Master and Local Executive Councils.  Although he will not be officially taking office until July – Jose will be attending orientation classes and other training in May.  In addition, Jose has indicated his desire to be a part of our Grievance Committee – so there will be still more classes and training in his immediate future!  Welcome Jose – you are certain to be a strong asset to this group.

We also need to thank Rsei for his work.  Unfortunately Rsei never got the chance to be all that he could be on in our Local.  His service to our country took him away from service to this group, shortly after he was elected.  Still, he has been instrumental in getting many of our members up to date with their dues as he was in constant communication with the International Secretary Treasurer.

Reduced flying, also known as Dropping to Zero is now in place.  No one took advantage of this negotiated benefit last month – options are still open for May.  Requests may be made by emailing: maria.perez02@united.com or by a written request to the Inflight Duty Desk.

Sequestration effects are predicted to hit the fan this week as the  FAA furloughs air traffic controllers across the country.   Predictions of problems are dire.  Jeff Smisek wrote that “the FAA’s plan is to create delays that more than double those caused by the worst day in the system last year, and to do it every single day.”  How this will impact Guam’s flying is unclear – but commuters plan ahead – and beware!

Just so you know that these hard times are hitting us all:  The Washington Post reported that Jeff Smisek’s pay has been cut 41%.  He will only make $7.9 million dollars compared to the $13.4 million he made last year.

As always, keep in touch with any comments, concerns or issues.  Your local officers are always here for you – even when we are “there!”  Fly safely, and enjoy your work!