After Halloween – Tricks and Tweets

Hafa Adai Flyers,

Hope you all had a happy Halloween with many treats. Here are a few tricky contractual things that seem to have caused confusion lately.

Service Training is mandatory.   Flight Attendants whose originally awarded line does not leave them an available day to take this training, will be paid for the trip that had to be dropped so they can attend. (Section 8-2.D.3) There is no option to take this training out of base, so FAs are well advised to pick it up and get it done as soon as possible.

Restored days off. If a trip reassignment, or delay, causes you to be on duty more than four hours into a day off, OR past midnight if the originally scheduled arrival time was 1900 Local time, or earlier – you are entitled to restoration of your lost day off. (Section 7-39 & 12). This request must be made to Scheduling within 24 hours of the lost day, or five (5) hours of pay will be added to your line for each day lost. The restored day(s) may be taken anytime within the next 90 days.

Trip Rigs kick in when there is a layover of more than twenty-nine (29) hours. (Section 6-10. Z) There are two numbers you need to know in order to determine if a rig is due:
1. Your total time away from base (TAFB), from Check-in through 30 minutes after block-in.
2. Your total credited flight time.
Divide the TAFB by four (4). This will be the minimum pay that you earned on the pairing. IF your actual flight time is more – that will be your pay. You will be paid the larger of those two numbers.

Airport Alert periods lasting longer than four hours. Reserves are automatically credited four (4) hours for AA duty. If the assignment goes beyond four hours, pay should be equal to the duration of the alert assignment. (Section 7-28. #9) It may be necessary to file a claim for the time over and above four hours in order to override the computer program. Or go next door and talk to someone in Scheduling to ensure that you get full credit.

New Contracts should be arriving soon. This is the Extended Agreement that we signed August 17, 2012. This book, with an almost purple cover, includes all the adjustments and protections that we bargained to put in place for Continental Micronesia during this interim merger period. The rest remains unchanged. Like the Continental book, it has an ammendable date of December 31, 2014.

Work continues on the Joint Contract. We will be meeting with the Company next week, November 3-8 in Chicago. As always, you can find the latest information about those negotiations at

Agreements were Reached for approximately 30,000 fleet service, passenger service and stockroom employees at United last week. After more than four years of negotiations, the IAM announced the successful ratification. Each contract was approved by more than 70 percent of the voters, with more than 65 percent participation. These three year Agreements will bring immediate pay raises while preserving defined benefits, defined contribution retirement plans, and outsourcing protection for 96% of the workforce.

Please stay informed and fly safely.  In Solidarity, Suzanne