AFA Takes Stand Against Management’s Violation of Seniority and Transfer Rights

As many of you know, back in 2008 approximately 31 of our colleagues voluntarily transferred to CAL which helped mitigate the line values and reduce the number of reserves.  As part of that sideletter it was agreed that if a vacancy opened up in Guam, these 31 colleagues would have a right to recall based upon their seniority.

Recently, we have heard rumors that management was going to allow certain members of inflight to leave their current positions and bid to fly again, beginning in September.

As soon as we heard these rumors, we arranged for a meeting with Clarissa Perez, Base Manager.   Phil Rayphand, MEC President,  Kathleen Domondon, MEC Vice President , Victor Giles Williams, MEC Secretary-Treasurer,  Juanita Capulong, and Cynthia Iverson met with Clarissa on Tuesday to verify and ascertain the intention of the Company.

We were told by Clarissa that there were no flight attendant vacancies in Guam but that 4 flight attendants currently in management positions were being displaced from their positions and that 2 would go back to flying and 2 would remain on Company Business.  We made it clear to Clarissa that we believe that office personnel in permanent positions returning to the line out of seniority order is a violation of our contract Section 16 and Section 17. Flight Attendants (31 who transferred and those that are on indefinite leave) have the right to recall to vacancies. We demanded that the Company not allow this violation.

We have also been in close contact with AFA attorney Scott Goodman.  Scott brought the matter to the attention of Sam Risoli at Headquarters in a further attempt to resolve the situation.

While we are sensitive to the personal situations of these managers we have a duty to protect our member’s rights and uphold the contract agreed to by Continental Micronesia management.   If the two inflight managers are awarded lines for September we will immediately file a grievance to protect the integrity of our contract.