A Message From Your AFA EAP

Hello everybody and Happy Holidays to all of you -from your AFA Employee Assistance Representatives!

The season is fast approaching us and as Flight Attendants we are scrambling to not only balance our schedules and personal commitments around the season, but also to find our balance to enjoy this time of the year.

For many of us, instead of the holiday season being festive, it can end up becoming the ‘oh so frantic’ period. While we want to think and believe that this season will be a time of enjoyment for us, especially with our optimism and hope for the upcoming New Year, sometimes our personal expectations are not met. Instead, we end up feeling frazzled.

Some of the factors which can lead us into “holiday blues” can include fatigue, unrealistic expectations, strained relationship issues that surface when families get together, reminders of past constraints, and tension caused by the additional demands of the season. Some useful strategies for keeping your stress to a minimum include:

  • Keeping your expectations for the holiday season manageable.
  • Being realistic on what you can and what you cannot do.
  • Trying to limit predictable sources of stresses.
  • Remembering to focus some of your energies on caring for yourself and not just others.
  • Not abandoning your healthy routines, like eating balanced meals and keeping your exercise routines active.

During this season, your AFA EAP would like to remind you that we are here and available for you. We offer trained peer confidential support and an attentive ear. Should you find that an issue of personal or work related nature is impacting your well-being, your AFA EAP Committee is available to offer you confidential assistance.

May this season bring you peace, joy and happiness!

Your AFA EAP reps:
Debbie Purcell 565-1513 or 686-1971
Beverly Haines 734-5922 or 686-1960
Karen Ives 646-2466 or 686-2552