Here! – and There

Hafa Adai Flyers,

I have just returned from the most recent round of contract negotiations. You can read the latest at:, where you can also sign up for automatic delivery of the newsletter. Our next session with the Company will begin March 18th. The JNC has asked for more meetings, more frequently, but this was the best the Company could arrange at this time.
Most of the JNC traveled back to Chicago this week to continue working on proposals for our next scheduled session. I returned to Guam to attend to local issues, meet with the Company regarding several grievances, and get my feet back into the sand of this island that I love so much!
Being in the States for two or three weeks each month can be tough. Especially when the thermometer is in the minuses! Please don’t get me wrong – I am not complaining! I love this job – but it is good to be home for a while. I am in contact with Kathleen and Cynthia as they endure the blizzard back East, and I remain electronically connected to the JNC while working independently on assignments for my sub-committee.
Anyway, this is all just to let you know that I am here – on island. Anyone who has worried that there wasn’t a union rep handy – I’m in Yona! What have you got for me?~

Last week the JNC was shown a brief State of the Company power point by Elhan Orhon, Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis. He announced that investments will soon be made to enhance customer service. No new routes or other changes were announced. I made my usual plea for more training, planes and flying for Guam…

Scholarships – our union has a fund intended to provide financial assistance to dependents of active members who will be attending a college or university. Go to the AFA site for more information:  Applications must be postmarked by April 10th and must include references, transcripts, grades and SAT scores.  I’ll be glad to write for anyone who’s kid needs a recommendation.

Sequestration is a word we’ve been hearing a lot. This is a term being used to refer to massive cuts in Federal spending. Both the FAA and TSA are expected to be severely impacted by loss of jobs. By April this is predicted to cause major backups at airport screening areas – especially in the biggest and busiest cities. We will have to just watch, see what happens, and be prepared for delays.

Dues. The obligation to pay dues has ALWAYS been a requirement of employment – whatever union we are in. The vast majority of our base is current. Some are only missing one dues payment of $43 – probably from the first month we were in AFA. If you have NOT been receiving notices from Rsei or the International – you are probably current. If you are concerned – contact me at this e-dress. I will work with you figure out how to meet your obligations.

Those few who have not yet joined the union will soon find application forms in your v-files. If you wish to have a voice, and a vote, please complete and mail them in at your earliest opportunity. Understand – you are not required to join the union – BUT you are required to pay dues! Don’t hesitate to email or call me if you have questions or concerns.

Local Elections:  Ballots were mailed yesterday, so you should be receiving them in the next few days. Voting starts on March 5th, and concludes on March 28th. All the instructions for casting your vote electronically, or by phone, will be included in the mailing. Only those who are members, and dues-current will have their votes counted.

Finally, I know times are challenging for many right now. But please, do not let the stress effect your job. Above all, do not write up, or threaten the livelihoods of your co-workers! If someone needs help – reach out! Contact our (award winning) EAP, or someone you trust.
Fly safely, and enjoy your job!