Grievance Investigation Form

You may initiate the Grievance Investigation Process by filling out this online worksheet which will be forwarded to your your MEC Officers and/or Grievance Chairperson. In order for your issue to be filed as a grievance, it must be submitted by the union within 30 days after you would reasonably have had knowledge of the dispute. Therefore, you should submit your issue as soon as possible. Your MEC Officers or Grievance Chairperson will review and evaluate every worksheet.

*If it's determined that the claim is potentially valid, your MEC Officers or Grievance Chairperson will file a grievance with the designated Company personnel and notify you of the submission – and follow up action.

*If it's determined that the complaint has no merit, your MEC Officers or Grievance Chairperson will discuss with you the reason(s) for that decision.

Complete the form below to initiate an investigation:
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