Your AFA EAP: 1-800-424-2406

From time to time, everyone experiences personal or work-related problems. Sometimes, these problems can overwhelm our normal coping strategies. Support from a trained peer or a referral to a mental health professional may prove helpful.

The AFA EAP helps members, their families and partners deal with concerns on and off the job that affect them. The AFA EAP is strongly committed to the health, safety and well-being of all of its members.

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The Association of Flight Attendants Employee Assistance Program (AFA EAP) is a confidential resource available to the members, their families and their partners to assist with personal, as well a work-related concerns. AFA EAP provides three distinct but interrelated services, including:

  1. Assessment, support and resource referral
  2. Advancement of professional standards through conflict resolution
  3. Response to critical and traumatic incidents. AFA’s objective in providing these services is to enhance the health, safety and well-being of its union family with the highest quality of peer support available within the EAP industry.

AFA-CWA EAP Representatives are just a phone call away!

Are EAP services confidential?

Yes! Your contacts and discussions with the EAP are confidential. Information is only released in accordance with federal and state confidentiality regulations.

Does the EAP cost anything?

No! Supported by your union dues since 1980, AFA-CWA’s nationally acclaimed EAP has provided free services to thousands of flight attendants, their families, and partners.

How do I access the EAP?

Many ways! You can contact your local peer representative directly or call the International helpline at 1-800-424-2406 or 202-434-0560 to help you access services. You can also visit the EAP Department website at  to find a peer representative at your local.

When should I call the EAP?

Anytime! Or as soon as you, your partner, or family feel like a problem is getting too difficult to handle alone. No matter how small or large the problem may be, AFA-CWA EAP can help.

What happens when I call the EAP?

Good things! Your trained EAP peer representative can answer any questions you may have about EAP services available to you. The peer representative will listen to your concerns, answer any questions you may have, offer guidance and support, and assist you with locating resources. The only thing you have to lose is the problem.

Download the AFA-CWA Employee Assistance Program brochure by clicking here. (adobe pdf)

PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS: Managing Conflicts With The Help Of AFA EAP

Conflict – it’s everywhere. You can experience it in public places like the express grocery line when that person in front of you has 18 items instead of 10. You can experience it at home when a child disregards house rules. You can also experience conflicts at work especially if co-worker cooperation affects how you do your job, like it does for Flight Attendants.

Workplace conflict isn’t always negative. In an atmosphere of mutual respect, clashing differences can lead to creativity, newness and growth. But if conflict is left unresolved or shifts to what feels like a personal attack, professionalism and even safety can be jeopardized.

As Flight Attendants, we’re trained to manage the conflicts that arise with our passengers. But what happens when we have conflicts with our flying partners? Do you feel like you have the tools and the skills to resolve conflicts with your co-workers? Sometimes we do. We just need a place where we can vent and organize in our own mind how we’ll approach the situation to keep it constructive. Sometimes, we don’t have the skills, but we’re willing to learn some new communication skills with a little coaching. Other times, we need someone else to bring the situation to our co-worker’s attention. Under all these situations, the AFA EAP can help you.

Through the Professional Standards service of the AFA EAP, you can contact your local EAP committee and confidentially share a problem with or concern about a co-worker. Together, you and your local EAP representative will come up with an action plan that makes best sense for you and your concerns. Your identity and information will remain confidential, unless of course you give your AFA EAP permission to share it.

AFA’s professional standards program is designed to empower you to address your workplace conflicts either directly or through an AFA EAP representative. It is also designed to provide you with an avenue of resolution that is completely separate from the reporting and investigative process that occurs when conflicts are reported to management.

So if you’d like someone to listen to your concerns and to help you develop an action plan that makes sense and is controlled by you, give us a call. Don’t write up your co-worker! Remember, we’ll always be exposed to conflicts. How we choose to manage them is one of the truest measures of our character.

Your AFA EAP: 1-800-424-2406