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CMI LEC President
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO

Kathleen has been a Flight Attendant for Continental Micronesia for 22 years. She was encouraged by her Flying Partners in Guam to take a Leadership Role which she accepted with honor. Kathleen offers “fresh involvement “, and welcomes this opportunity to serve the Membership.

She eagerly participates in all available training sessions continuing to expand her knowledge while sharing her experiences gained from the line. She is particularly excited by the opportunities the merger presents all Flight Attendants for the World’s largest airline, unified to achieve an industry leading contract.

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CMI LEC Vice President / Secretary-Treasurer
Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO

Jose first applied as a reservation agent for “Air Mike” 23 years ago.  When he called to followup on his application, he was told there was no opening, except for Flight Attendant and mechanic positions.  On a whim, over the phone, he asked that his application be changed for a Flight Attendant position.  The rest is history.  He started flying, wearing a uniform of lavender island print shirt and wool pants (sans tie and jacket), and earning less than $8 per duty hour.  But within several months, he discovered one of the benefits of unionism when the Air Mike Flight Attendant group signed a collective bargaining agreement that pushed their starting pay to over $14 per flight hour.  Jose credits that CBA for fostering a job that was meant only as temporary, into a life time career that has not only benefited him, but also his loved ones.   His favorite travels are when he gets to take his retired parents recently on far away trips that they would not otherwise take on their own.



EAP & Professional Standards Representatives

Lisa Gutierrez 

Betty Marquez

Barbi Tudela

Grievance & Contract Maintenance Representatives

Cynthia Iverson

Bessie Tabet

Jose C Torres

Safety, Health, and Security

Rsei Isim, Chairperson

Line Construction Committee

Sue Clay (chair):

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